Statement of Outcome from The Plan: Expand the profile, influence, and credibility of C4's core ministries as we aspire to be regionally located, nationally focused, and globally minded. With an emphasis on preaching and teaching, worship, and our unique ministry offerings, we will seek to create a draw to C4 across an expanded geographical profile and add our voice to the Canadian Christian witness.


two #1 releases on iTunes



Released September 2017
C4 Worship "Hallelujah" EP. Written by C4 songwriters, recorded by our worship team, and celebrated by our congregation who have now made these songs part of our worship vocabulary.


What is a Mountain

Released May 2018
'What Is A Mountain' includes four brand new songs that tell the story of God's amazing power and presence amongst us to overcome mountains, oceans, deserts, and the grave- all while pointing people to Jesus.


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What is a mountain,
But a stone for You to throw.
A height for You to level,
And make Your glory known.
— C4 Worship

Attended our Worship Night / EP Release


C4 Church Conference


attended the C4 Church Conference in 2018


On May 4-5, 2018 we held our first C4 Church Conference, with guests from 54 other churches across Canada coming to join us. We did this out of a response to all God has taught us so far at C4, and to steward this well by sharing it with others. We had a very memorable start with no electricity on the Friday evening, but lots of power in the room by the work of the Holy Spirit. We worshipped acoustically, Pastor Jon taught by flashlight, and we took communion together in the dark. It seemed clear that God had a plan for the night beyond what we had planned for! Saturday of the conference (with electricity) brought more teaching and workshops about how combine spiritual gifts, practices, and experiences in the life of the local church for spiritual vitality in our post-Christian culture.

It was beautiful to watch everyone’s spiritual gifts used to their fullest by each individual volunteering throughout the was very impactful to see what was being taught in action. Was a real blessing...
— C4 Conference Guest
LOVED the conversation around guaranteed places of encounter. Great places to press-into for deeper growth and relationship. Also, the song writing as discipleship workshop was spot on- so good! Discipleship first, albums and Sunday singing are WAY down the list...
— C4 Conference Guest



This year, beyond the release of two original albums of eight songs, we have continued to write and sing more songs inspired by the stories of God at work here at C4 setting people free, moving mountains, and bringing prodigals home.

The C4 songwriting team has written over 25 more songs this ministry year in response to all that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are doing amongst us.  We've had two songwriting retreats to facilitate this, as well as a songwriting workshop to disciple and raise up more C4 people to write songs to point us to Jesus.

All infinite glory contained,
In a name my lips could sing!
— C4 Worship
I wake up every morning to C4 Worship music as my alarm clock to start my day with my focus on Jesus. Even my friend who isn’t a Christian yet can’t help but get these God songs stuck in his head!

C4 Worship Events

C4 Worship at Power to Change Conference, Toronto

C4 Worship at Power to Change Conference, Toronto

C4 Worship rehearsing in Slovenia

C4 Worship rehearsing in Slovenia

As word spreads of what God is doing at C4 and our worship ministry, we have been invited to be part of events outside our church, which are serving, inspiring and encouraging the wider church. C4 Worship was part of a number of major events in the GTA this year and was invited to lead worship at a missions conference last summer in Slovenia where Pastor Jon also preached with Greater Europe Mission.

Power To Change hosts an annual conference in Toronto between Christmas and New Year’s where we were invited to lead worship for 1,000 university students from across Eastern Canada. In March, C4 Worship was invited to lead for Today’s Teens Conference, a training opportunity for 1500 students and youth leaders from all over Ontario.

Opportunities to participate in these events as a way of encouraging God’s work across our country is a tangible expression of the work the Lord is doing at C4.

Let the redeemed cry out, Tell of His story
Let the redeemed cry out, Tell of His glory
— C4 Worship

Jon's book: 'convergence'


In the past 12 months, Jon has been working with editors, publishers, and filmmakers to finalize the draft of his first book, ‘Convergence,’ as well as a video-based curriculum to accompany it.

The book is about the convergence of spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines, and spiritual experiences. The book will encourage individuals and churches through Pastor Jon's teaching and, in part, telling the story of what God has done at C4.

The video segments were filmed in a variety of styles of churches around the GTA, from more traditional to more contemporary, all to illustrate that the principles of this book are applicable across all styles of church. Currently, the book is being reviewed by literary agents, with hopes to be published later in 2018.

Jon filming a segment for  Convergence  at a Baptist church.

Jon filming a segment for Convergence at a Baptist church.


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jon's preaching ministry

PJ_JT (32 of 42).jpg

Pastor Jon has continued to grow his teaching ministry outside of C4 this ministry year. 

  • Keynote Speaker at Global Greater Europe Mission (GEM) Conference 2017, Slovenia
  • Professor of Spiritual Warfare Course at Tyndale University, Toronto ON
  • Canadian Church Leaders Conference 2018, Barrie ON
  • Mountainside Community Church- Spiritual Gifts workshop, Fernie BC
  • Co-Chair of the Global ALPHA Campaign for the Greater Toronto Area 2017-Present, London UK and Toronto ON
  • Keynote Speaker at C4 Church Conference 2018
  • Speaker at Toronto Spiritual Life Conference 2017, Toronto ON
I felt the Lord saying it is a time of letting go of some things and of taking hold of things! Also I was greatly impacted by Pastor Jon’s vulnerability when speaking and sharing of his journey as Pastor in the past 10 years at C4.
— C4 Conference Guest